I wish the left wing would get its act together.

A left wing that didn’t argue with itself all the time. That didn’t just say┬ásafe things for the media. That was utterly untainted by any corruption, expenses scandal, anything. That was wholly motivated by ideals. But never uses those ideals to try and beat reality into shape.

That stood up and preached tolerance and compassion. Threw out the moneylenders, laughed at the prejudiced, and climbed the towers and shouted, be tolerant, be compassionate, just blinking start caring about other people.

Shouted, it is ok to believe in the concept of public, of places & institutions & services owned by the people. Say it softly too – not just the private, not the supremacy of the private and property and all for me and not for you, not shared, not you and me.

I like balance. We need balance. We need public & private. But we must be proud of what we have, proud of the long history, the growth over centuries of what is commonly owned.

Be proud of good schools.

Ancient footpaths.

There are so many people now in this country, and around the world, who have no voice.

We are shouted down, by those who have the loudest voices. And the ones who were supposed to speak out for us are just mumbling in the dark. Dear god, they are a cruel disappointment.

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