Who and what has won in recent years, and who has lost?

Winners – Cameron with his SNP fear-mongering, Brexit with Take Back Control, Trump with his Make America Great Again.

And who lost? Ed Milliband with his basket of decent policies, the Remain campaign with their rational arguments, and experienced Hilary… not to mention the mainstream right and leftwing parties of France that just now crashed spectacularly out of the presidential elections…

And here we are again, another contest with all to play for, one party against another, May against Corbyn. The Tories are selling one thing, one image: strong and stable. Ridicule it if you like, but it’s simple and straightforward and it cuts through.

Labour is busy meanwhile producing raft after raft of excellent policies.

A single idea, appealing to emotion, versus a sensible and just vision of the country, to be enacted through a list of good government measures.

Underpinning our decent Labour policies and our decent leader, no question, the simple emotional narrative is there. But is it obvious enough?

The right frame their world view simply, they nail down the emotions they want the voters to feel, and they prosecute it mercilessly, because their hunger for power, and their need to protect their vested interests, trumps all else.

They have read the theory, and they are putting what has shown to be most effective into practice.

Are we on the left forensic enough, effective enough, fierce enough, hungry enough, to distil our own precious message into one emotional appeal that can smash through and win?

For the sake of us all, I hope so.