I will give people in Gloucester a strong Labour voice.

Gloucester is a city on the rise, and I want to see its success shared by the many not the few.

Our Tory MP claims to speak for the city yet votes for government austerity policies that cut our health services and schools. His party’s cuts to police and welfare have seen crime, homelessness and child poverty rising in Gloucester.

I have the proven track record to take the fight to the Tories in City Hall, Shire Hall and Westminster, to win Gloucester for Labour with a positive vision for the city based on our shared socialist values and manifesto.

My priorities for Gloucester include


  • Work with other CLPs, unions, and other campaigning organisations to set up a county-wide health campaign group.
  • Force the Tories to reveal their plans for millions of pounds of cuts to county health services through the so-called Sustainability & Transformation Plans, better known as Slash & Trash Plans
  • Bring unions together to fight NHS jobs outsourcing
  • Campaign to scrap car parking charges for staff at GRH


After years of delay, Gloucester will soon have a Joint Core Strategy in place for housing. I will work with Labour councillors and local people to ensure new housing is decent, affordable and built in the places where it is needed.

I will work with tenants and residents associations to ensure housing associations and private landlords treat their tenants well, and that people live in decent homes.


  • Work with business leaders to attract and protect high quality employment in Gloucester.
  • Work with unions to ensure worker’s rights are protected, and campaign for an end to precarious work and zero hours contracts.
  • Hold the Tories to account for their regeneration plans, and ensure the city centre is not left behind in the regeneration of key parts of the city like the Docks and Railway Station.


  • Campaign to pause the introduction of Universal Credit
  • Hold Tories to account for the rise in homelessness and child poverty in the city

If selected, I will:

  • Unite and empower our members to build our collective strength across the city
  • Work with councillors, members and community leaders to strengthen community cohesion
  • Meet with equality groups, trade unions, businesses and voluntary organisations to listen to their concerns

Download my Election Postcard HERE