Yesterday my teenage son said as we walked down the street of the dear English town I was re-elected to serve last month, don’t worry mum I will protect you from any knives.

What can you say to that?

So I am thankful for this two day pause in campaigning because right now it hurts.

It hurts because I am a mother and a Labour Party member and we have lost one of our own.

And I am tired.

We campaigned so hard for the local elections and we did good.

But there was no time to pause and reflect, and then start the business of serving our local communities.

Straight away we plunged into the EU campaign.

I knew always that I would campaign for our beloved country to stay in this frustrating behemoth of laws, rules, protections and peace, of prosperity, poverty and austerity, of justice and injustice… Yes the whole damn crazy jumble of it, where a diverse bunch of unique countries quarrel and cooperate like a big old grumpy family.

A family bound by blood, bone and a shared history of joy and pain.

I am tired because it has been more negative than positive, more bad-tempered than constructive, more about  small details than the big bold picture, more about wishful thinking than warm-blooded reality.

At least in a few days it will be over… I hope with all my heart that we vote to stay.

Perhaps the horror of a young mother murdered on our streets will shock us into realising, finally, what is at stake.

But what then?

There is so much anger, so much insecurity, that will not be solved by a pencil cross in the leave box on Thursday.

If the country votes to Remain, we must listen to those who voted leave and ask them why and try to understand. However painful it is.

Right now the earth is scorched and we must assume that we start with nothing. From high cabinet minister to lowly local councillor, we should take nothing for granted. No respect, no authority invested in our position and no trust.

There are no short cuts to earn that back.

And if you are standing with me over here on the left, no time to lose.

The forces of hatred are sweeping in from the right… They speak to that anger and that insecurity.

But they have no answers.

Nothing else matters now but working to end that deadly insecurity, fed by injustice and inequality.

Only we can.

With honesty, humility and hope.

For Jo.