My political beliefs are rooted in my hunger for social justice.

I believe passionately that everyone deserves the best in life – whether that’s a secure, well-paid job, a roof over their head or access to free healthcare and education.

I believe we have one of the most immoral and incompetent governments this country has ever seen. Their austerity policies are destroying people’s lives. Austerity does not work, it is an ideology imposed on the country and can only do harm. Wages and productivity stay low, public services are collapsing, and public and private debt remain far too high.

In 2010 the country under Labour was starting to recover from the economic crash. The Tories ruined all that. What we need is investment and a pay rise for workers. That is the only way to recover and to start tackling the awful inequality we are confronted with every day.

I welcome the renewal of our Labour Party that has put socialist and trade union values back at the heart of the movement, and the growth in membership which has brought new energy and ideas to our party. I have supported Jeremy Corbyn and his policies since he stood for the leadership. During the summer of 2016 when his leadership was challenged, I spoke on BBC Points West to defend him and the party membership who supported him. The 2017 manifesto, and Jeremy’s ten pledges on key policy areas are the solid basis on which to form the next Labour government.

Right now it is tough to be a Labour councillor in power as the Tories have slashed local government funding. I have always been a voice to say that we must hold onto our Labour values in order to make the right choices, for example other councils in Gloucestershire (all Tory) have cut hard into their workforce, and we in Stroud are doing all we can to avoid that so as to keep council staff and the important services they provide to local people.

I will fight to preserve the most vital services we offer, on homes, prevention of homelessness, support for local jobs, and our own workforce. I know from my casework as councillor for a small town like Dursley that the working people I represent are most worried about decent homes, jobs, personal finances, transport, and anti-social behaviour.

If selected by you to be your candidate, I will speak out against the suffering caused by austerity, so that people know that it doesn’t have to be this way – voting for a Labour government will make their lives, and their children’s lives, better.